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J and J Roadhouse

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jj1.jpgWho'd have expected to find a bar at 203rd & Holmes? And how many people from the KC area have even heard of the unincorporated town of Jaudon (pronounced juh-DAWN) southwest of Belton? Our bartender was eager to fill us in on some of the local history.

The town of Jaudon was organized in 1893 as a stop on the Kansas City and Southern Railroad. It was named for James A. Jaudon, from a family of French settlers in the area on whose land the town was founded.

There a long history of a military presence here, from a nearby training area all the way back to Civil War skirmishes. Our bartender told of stories of homes not too far away still bearing scars, including one with a cannonball still lodged in the chimney.

jj3.jpgWhich brings us back to the bar. The Roadhouse is actually constructed atop a Civil War era military bunker. The original building has served many purposes throughout its 100+ year life, most recently as a gun shop. An addition was built on the south side of the building several years ago, seamlessly integrating itself to the look and feel of the original building to its north. That addition housed a small bar that was then called the Jaudon Hideout.

Recently the gun shop closed, and the building underwent a major renovation to expand the bar to fill the entire building. The inside has been renovated to modernize it, all while still retaining the historical feel.

jj2.jpgIn addition to drinks the bar features a nice menu, with a particular emphasis on buffalo burgers. Amenities include pool tables, several dart boards, and a patio. There is poker 2 Tuesday and Friday nights as well as Sunday afternoon, and karaoke and live blues acts provide entertainment throughout the rest of the week.

Jaudon is located at 203rd & Holmes (MO Hwy D), southwest of Belton, MO. From Kansas City take Holmes south 12-1/2 miles beyond I-435 to 203rd Street. From US-71 take the MO-58 exit and go west through Belton to MO-D (Holmes). Turn left and go 4 miles to 203rd Street.

20300 Holmes Rd, Belton, MO  

The Alibi - Centerville, IA

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alibi.jpg Now here's an interesting situation. A bar that seems to not exist.

The Alibi is not found in the phone book. It's not on the local Chamber of Commerce business listing. And its only reference found in Google is my own notation of our visit.

In fact, the only reason we found it at all is that a bartender at another nearby bar told us about it. Even then, that bartender's directions were unclear and it took us a while to find the place.

Which begs the question.... how good of an alibi is The Alibi if no one knows about it? :)

To add insult to injury, while we remember the hunt for The Alibi, finding it, and then leaving after our beers, we do not remember anything about The Alibi itself. It's almost ironic.

So, if anyone knows anything about this bar and can provide us with an exact address, a phone number, a description or details, photos, or anything else, please let us know!

The Alibi is located somewhere in the vicinity of a Ben Franklin store and is just off the square in downtown Centerville, IA. Centerville is located at the junction of State Hwys 5 & 2 in eastern south-central Iowa.

40.7343, -92.8756  


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