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photomoz2.jpgWelcome to The Weekly Dive, where each week we'll highlight one of the hundreds of dive bars we have visited.

This is not a review site. Our visits can happen at any time of day, any day of the week, so there's no fair way for us to assess and rate a bar overall. We simply report on our own experiences and observations during our visit. Sometimes these will be fairly ordinary, sometimes they are wacky to downright bizarre. When possible, we try to throw in a little background information as well.

Though we are based in Kansas City and a large number of the bars are from our area, it is by no means the only area we cover. The category list to the right shows the regions we already have bar reports queued up for, and more regions will be added as we visit new places in the future.

A Note About Closures
Turnover is fairly common in the bar business. It's very likely that at least some bars we will post about will have either closed or changed hands since we visited. Each report we post will include the bar's address and last known phone number. Please call first or inquire locally before going out of your way to visit any dive we feature.

Come back on June 30 to begin seeing our weekly reports!


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