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The Alibi - Centerville, IA

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alibi.jpg Now here's an interesting situation. A bar that seems to not exist.

The Alibi is not found in the phone book. It's not on the local Chamber of Commerce business listing. And its only reference found in Google is my own notation of our visit.

In fact, the only reason we found it at all is that a bartender at another nearby bar told us about it. Even then, that bartender's directions were unclear and it took us a while to find the place.

Which begs the question.... how good of an alibi is The Alibi if no one knows about it? :)

To add insult to injury, while we remember the hunt for The Alibi, finding it, and then leaving after our beers, we do not remember anything about The Alibi itself. It's almost ironic.

So, if anyone knows anything about this bar and can provide us with an exact address, a phone number, a description or details, photos, or anything else, please let us know!

The Alibi is located somewhere in the vicinity of a Ben Franklin store and is just off the square in downtown Centerville, IA. Centerville is located at the junction of State Hwys 5 & 2 in eastern south-central Iowa.

40.7343, -92.8756  


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