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jockey1.jpgOriginally I had selected The Jockey Club to kick off this site because it was the first new bar that we went to as one of our planned drinking excursions. But when I learned it had changed its exterior, I delayed its entry so that I could have time to get more information.

We arrived on a sunny weekday afternoon and pulled into the gravel lot, the only vehicle in sight. It was early in the day but from the stark silence and the exterior maintenance we wondered if we were out of luck.

Trying the door we were surprised to find it unlocked, so we walked into the dark, empty bar where we found ourselves completely alone.

We sat for several minutes, wondering what to do, when finally the proprietor came in through a back door.

Beer selections were limited to a selection of domestic bottles in a big tub of ice on the bar.

The bar's name ties to the local history, when a questionably-legal horse racing track operated during the 1930s under the financing and protection of Kansas City boss Tom Pendergast. Though the track is long gone, some of the original structures still remain. I am uncertain if this bar is one of those structures.

This looks like the kind of place that probably gets pretty wild and rowdy in the evenings and weekends, though we can't say for sure given that our visit was on a Tuesday afternoon. As a commentator added, there is a regular country band and karaoke nights.

In the time since our visit the owner has spruced the place up quite a bit. The outside has been cleaned up and repainted, and the broken sign atop the building has been replaced with a new, stylish sign. Sadly, however, the classic vintage "cocktails" sign that once graced the front of the building has been removed.

jockey2.jpg jockey3.jpg

The Jockey Club is located in Riverside on the west side of US-69, about halfway between Riverway Blvd and Vivion Rd.

4312 NW Gateway Ave, Riverside, MO 64105  

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