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buckin1.jpg We pulled in to Bucklin, MO a little after 10:00 on a summer Saturday night, and after a couple of wrong turns found the My Place bar.

The place was packed, in part due to a birthday party. Karaoke was in full swing, and a large guy in overalls named Norm was enjoying a few beers. We got ourselves a couple of cans of Busch Light and sought an empty spot to go hang out.

The karaoke DJ announced that Norm had a special talent to perform but only if the bar raised $50. A collection was taken up (we chipped in a few dollars ourselves), and before long the funds were raised.

Apparently under instruction not to do it inside the bar, Norm stepped just outside the door and proceeded to remove his underwear without removing his overalls to the delight of the crowd. After he got a round of ovation I got a picture of him, complete with his underwear hanging out of his pocket and the fifty dollars cash in his fist.


As we were leaving, a woman step out of the bar, spat a loogie into the street, and stepped back inside.

My Place is located in downtown Bucklin, just northeast of Hunt Street on Livingston (Mo-129). Bucklin is in Linn County, MO, about a mile-and-a-half north of US-36 on MO-129.

1416 N Livingston St, Bucklin, MO  

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